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24 hr TV T-shirts Designed by Satoshi Ohno, a Huge Hit!


T-shirts designed by Ohno and Nara as worn by Arashi

Arashi‘s Satoshi Ohno have collaborated with designer Yoshimoto Nara for the 24 Hr chari-t-shirts for NTV’s 24 Hr TV “Love Saves the World” charity event.

The said t-shirts have sold 596,203, surpassing their 2008 sales with only 458,306 shirts. It has only been a month and a half since the t-shirts have gone on sale and with the 2,000 t-shirts sold each day, they are expected to surpass 600,000 sales.


This is the first time that two artists have designed the chari-t-shirts for 24 Hr TV. The front of this future-themed t-shirt designed  with a kids’ eyes emblazoned with the word “未来” (future) , it also has a bud/sprout that represents a new beginning. The back of the t-shirt has the word “未来” (future) written with Ohno’s handwriting.

24 Hr TV annual charity event will air from Aug 25th to 26th at NTV.


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  3. randomizm says

    gotta love the simplicity of this shirts and 将来 (shourai) also means future in a sense.


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