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Suikyu Yankees Episode 2

I’m still enjoying “Suikyu Yankees” and there’s this need to do a recap and review. I probably won’t be able to sleep unless I finish this. Anyway, “Suikyu Yankees” continuous to be funny and exciting despite the typical scenes you can expect in a yankee drama. Moreover, the second episode puts the spotlight to the “baka trio”.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 2

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First Impressions on HERO 2014

HERO 2014 is one of the most-awaited summer dramas, though mostly are just waiting for it to flop, and KimuTaku haters can only bite their nails as HERO’s first episode got a whooping 26.5%. A huge leap from KimuTaku’s last drama, “ANDO LLYOD“, which will go down in history as his lowest rated drama to date.

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating whether I’ll be recapping HERO 2014 in full but I decided not to because I feel lazy the first episode is a flurry of events with characters who speak at the same time and such so it’s going to be hard and long.

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First Impressions on Suikyu Yankees : Episode 1

“Not another yankee drama?” Suikyu Yankees is very un-yankee in a way that they chose to battle in water than get all bloody while fighting using metal pipes. This is Nakajima Yuto’s first lead drama and it was well-received at 8.8% in ratings despite the late time-slot. The drama is full of speedos, hairspray and heart.

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First Impressions : Nobunaga no Chef Season 2 Episode 1

Nobunaga no Chef season 2” is one of the dramas this summer that I’m really looking forward to, I’m not a huge fan of French cuisine but I’m totally rooting for Ken and Natsu. Despite the low pilot episode rating it received (9.7%), “Nobunaga no Chef” continuous to dazzle me with cooking, a lesson of Japanese history, and some squeal-worthy moments between Ken and Natsu.

Here is a quick recap of Nobunaga no Chef season 2 : Episode 1

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Rants & Raves: Dramarama

Most dramas for summer have started so in between completing my reading list before school starts, I’m also checking-out most dramas that I find interesting or so…

Anyway, here is my occasional Rants & Raves

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