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Rants & Raves : Ratings, Roses, Zits, and Abs

I’m officially back at school and it’s obvious how I’ve written less for this blog. I’ve regretted why I went back to school during that hellish first two weeks but now I’m quite enjoying it.

Anyway, I feel like ranting just to release all those pent-up stress and here is my occasional Rants & Raves.

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Suikyu Yankees Episode 4

Indeed, friends are the ray of light during your dark moments as what this episode showed us. Speaking of light, the love square of Torao, Rei, Ryuuji, and Nagisa might still be cloudy but judging from this episode, I can already make a bet.

Here is a quick recap of Suikyu Yankees : Episode 4

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Bits and Pieces 001

Bits and Pieces” is a digest of summarized news revolving around Johnny’s fandom. I decided to start to category out of laziness to translate but I feel the need to share this information.

Here is “Bits & Pieces” Digest 001 collated from Aug 4th to 6th. 

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Suikyu Yankees Episode 3

We missed Suikyu Yankees last week because of FNS 27 and while I wished that they showed 2 episodes this week, well, I can only wish. XD. This is the Ryuuji episode, okay let’s make it Ryuuji and Kouhei’s episode, along with some surprising revelations.

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First Impressions on Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N (Neo)

Watching Kindaichi’s first episode can be a bit discouraging with it being an hour and 34 minutes long. I was thinking on how the writers will end-up dragging the story just to extend it with the alloted time. However, despite the longer plot for the it’s first episode, “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N” is not boring with the “whodunnit?” story being executed well. Kindaichi receives 12.4% for their pilot episode, average by standards, but not at all underrated nor overrated.

Here is a quick recap of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N (neo): Episode 1 [The Silver Screen Devilish Murder]

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